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Whether you're a driven, single entrepreneur or an active family of 6, Angel Assistance is here to support your home health.

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pet care

child care


meal prep


party prep

household chores

Angels have no problem getting their hands a little dirty to add some time back to your schedule. We can assist with most household chores including dishes, laundry, tidying up, grabbing groceries and even cooking or prepping meals.

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It takes a village to raise a child and now you have some angelic support in your tribe. We can help give you back your quality time by babysitting during dating and assisting with some child-related tasks throughout the day.
We also have experience working with kids with superpowers* so parents with unique needs are supported here as well!


A clear environment yields a clear mind. If you need help getting your living space in order, Angels are more than happy to help out with tidying your home so you can move through your days with more clarity.

miscellaneous errands

We know how the little things add up so Angels are here to help with those miscellaneous tasks that sneak up on you including running errands, party and travel assistance and even dog walking and animal care.


While we want to support our families as much as possible, there are a few things we’re unable to handle. This includes:

deep cleaning

full-time nanny care


off scheduled hours  

full time hospice care

government-assisted childcare

ATLANTA, find the help you neeD

Is your to-do list longer than the
hours you have in a day?

What you wouldn’t give to have just an hour or even a few more minutes of spare time in your schedule.

is the answer to your prayers.

Studies show that the condition of your environment is directly connected to your overall mental health and wellness. Your living space being in shambles can literally bring down your mood, negatively impact your behavior, created unwanted stress and even spark confrontation during interactions with others. We scoop up all the pieces in your life that create a disconnect in your home and piece them together with care and support. One of the most reported observations is healthier relationships in the home--within themselves and with those around them. This pours over into a healthier lifestyle, stronger community, and beyond.

sound familiar?

Being in a constant state of stress due to the inability to manage time the way you need to get everything accomplished

Growing lack of motivation and mental exhaustion due to all the mess that’s starting to affect your work and social life

Tension in your home & marriage from not being able to spend quality time together


 Omar is a high achieving entrepreneur who needs some help managing other tasks outside of work.

 Runs a growing startup

Single and typically spends most of his time working on his business

Now that his company is getting momentum, he has less time to focus on things that need to be done around the house.

His work/life balance is starting to mentally drain him and the constant mess in his environment brings his mood down more every day.

Who Angel Assistance is for

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Elizabeth works full time in her career and lives at home with her husband and two lovely kids.

Both parents are hard workers

Are very involved in their children's lives

No leftover time for family fun

Always have chores and errands

Their jampacked schedules make it hard to fulfill other responsibilities

 The stress is even starting to put a strain on their marriage

The chaos makes it hard to keep the kids on a schedule. 


Jim and Leslie Robinson are married with three children. Jim holds an executive position at his corporate job and Leslie is a stay at home mom.

Jim is rarely home and expects Leslie to handle the household and daily tasks.

Leslie constantly complains about not having enough time for herself because of all the responsibility with the kids and home.

But every time Jim hires help, Leslie spends most of her time on the phone with friends or going out to shop.

She expects the contractors to handle everything so she’s rarely around to help at home anymore. This often causes high turnaround for hired help.

Matthew is a successful bachelor who earns a great living as a DJ and entertainer.

He loves to party, socialize and lounge when he’s not working.

He dislikes cleaning, doing laundry and cooking for himself.

Matthew wishes he had someone to do these things for him so he can have more time for his friends and traveling to the different cities every weekend to check out the most popular clubs.

Sometimes makes sly remarks at women, making them feel uncomfortable.

Who Angel Assistance is not for

See who Angel Assistance is for



monthly rates


every day visit



Great for active households with routine childcare needs and daily household upkeep
*Includes one add-on

Great for Singles and the generally organized

Every package customized to fit your household.

-virtual assistance

available add-ons:

life with an angel

life without an angel

Relief from completed tasks
on to-do lists

Organized & harmonious work and living spaces

More time to spend with loved ones

Improvement in mental clarity
and overall mood
Increase in date nights
(& fun family activities)

More enjoyment and
relaxation in life

Enjoy walking into a relaxing,
happy home after work

Increase in confidence and better mood

Overwhelmed by endless to-do lists

Disorganized home and work spaces

Constantly distracted and struggling to focus on work projects

Rarely get to spend quality time with family and friends

Missing out on important appointments & opportunities due to overpacked schedule

Lingering bad mood and lack of confidence

Disconnect from your living space

Strain & conflict in romantic and social relationships

get lifestyle support

Providing reliable assistance for all of your household needs.

what our families are saying

Angel Assistance was recommended to me by a friend and we have been happily using their services for about a year now. We have two toddlers and as a mom I was beginning to feel overwhelmed trying to keep up with the housework and take care of the kids while working full time. 

 They come to the house 1-2 times per week to clean, keep up with laundry, the dishes, and the day to day organizing and "pick up" (toys, pantry, etc.). Our kids love Savannah and she babysits regularly for us as well. I always feel comfortable leaving the kids with her and they have a great time together. We greatly appreciate their professionalism and flexibility and highly recommend their services. 

Angel Assistance has provided some much needed help and we are very thankful. 

- Kristin Edwards




what our families are saying

Angel Assistance has been a LIFE saver for us. Savannah started watching my little girl when she was around 8 months old and she's about to be 2 and we couldn't imagine life without our Angels. My husband and I both own our businesses so our schedule is constantly changing, and Savannah and her team have been more than accommodating to our needs. From nannying, to helping keep our home running, cleaning, dishes, laundry...even running errands like going to ship packages for clients or getting groceries. I recommend them to everyone I know who needs someone!

- Angela Wingard




what our families are saying

 We hired Savannah with Angel Assistance first to care for our four year old when we would go out for date nights and other parent fun. Our daughter is very slow to warm up to everyone so we knew Savannah was a good fit when we saw Kamryn take an immediate liking to her. She went from a child that would cry every time we left to having fun and looking forward to having her “big-kid sitter” come over. Since our beginning sitter days in 2015, we have expanded to utilizing Angel Assistance for watching our house, fur babies and cleaning while we went on vacation. The fact that our fur babies include a diabetic 17 year old cat that has a very special feeding and medicine schedule, a 6 month old puppy who was potty-training and a five year old pit mix that needs allergy shots… this was no easy undertaking! Savannah handled the job with ease and definitely gave us peace of mind while we were gone that our animals were in good hands!


She is great with communication, prompt to coordinate schedules and it’s so nice to have someone trustworthy as a such a valued helper to our family! ”

We are grateful to have found Angel Assistance and be working with Savannah on a regular basis.

- Kris, Kristy, Kamryn, Bobee the cat, MoMo the pitmix, Gracie the puppy and our newest addition- Bubbles the fish LaRose





the company

is a home management solution that aims to provide affordable household help for families and singles that need extra support. The company was created in 2016 by Savannah as a response to the growing stress and dysfunction that many people struggle with in their home life due to the daily demands of modern life. Our mission is to help our clients reclaim peace, calmness and stability in their homes to make life a little easier. We make sure our Angels are the cream of the crop by running extensive background checks, hiring and training procedures before placing them in the homes. Angels are carefully matched to families based on needs, preferences and overall compatibility. Bringing happiness back into your home and life is what we do best.


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here's how it works

Fill out and submit a completed application for us to begin finding your Angel assistant. (There is a $350 application fee upon submission)

We start to work our magic to find an Angel that’s a perfect fit for your household (Please note that our Angels go through extensive background checks so please allow us a grace period of up to a month to complete this process)

Your Angel is sent to the rescue and all is well again! You’ll get top-quality, white-glove service that restores the order in your home.

Once you fly from the waitlist to our queue,

See our blue package



why our angels?

We made sure that all of our Angels went through the necessary background checks and trainings to ensure that we'll all be able to serve you to the best of our capabilities.

Clear Platinum Background Check from eNanny Source

Previous Experience before joining the squad

Passed Angel Evaluation after completing
three or more “Angel shadow” shifts





families served

pets cared for

children nurtured 

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THIS IS For all current clients. NEW OR RETURning clientS WILL NEED TO APPLY FIRST.

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